Dylan Taylor

Background Information

On September 11, 2001 the world trade center was hit by an American Airlines Boeing 767 which had been hijacked by terrorist, and moments later was hit by a second Boeing 767. Both of the World Trade Centers had collapsed killing thousands. The pentagon was also hit later after the world trade centers.
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Media Portrayals

  • NBC News as well as all other news programs were being aired for a breaking news story, right after some of their daily news stories. It was hard for them to believe and understand what exactly was happening and were getting many interviews from people calling in. They had no clear information on what kind of planes had hit the world trade center.
  • Fox 5 News was receiving many interviews about what happened trying to get an idea of what exactly happened. They had a live view on what was going on the entire time they were live from the world trade center to the pentagon getting hit.
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One bias that was presented by the news team was that people were beginning to speculate air force one and whether they were credible to defend because of how long it took for them to respond. Another bias presented was that it was a terrorist attack.


A criticism there is is historical criticism, coming from that this was a terrorist attack of Al Qaeda, due to what they had presented in the past, and events of Al Qaeda presented up to this point.

Another criticism provided is that there is a cultural criticism aspect to it in the fact that the culture of Islam can culturally be looked at as a terrorist-based religion, even though it really isn't.

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My Perspective

My perspective on what happened was that it was a terrorist attack. I don't think the government allowed it to happen. Security can be breached at anytime especially if security isn't tight. The President acted in the way, that i think he should have. A nation shouldn't stand down or falter to anything terrorist do because it provides that they country is weak, and vulnerable to attack.