Lewis and clark project

By Brett Dotson


*accompanied the expedition from 1805 to 1806

*The most memorialized woman in the United States.

*Sacagawea means boat pusher

*A member of the Lemhi band of the native american Shoshone tribe.

Nez Perce

*A native american tribe who live in the Pacific northwest region

*4,000 in the tribe

*They were friendly towards the expedition.

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*Lewis bought Seamen for 20 Dollars (You can't even get high end chocolates for 20 Dollars today!)

*Seamen, A Newfoundland has superb swimming skills.

*Seamen sadly died in 1809 from mosquitos.

*Seamen has his own creek named Seaman creek.

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*Is in Kansas City.

*The expedition rested at Kaw Point, fixed their ships, did repairs, and camped.

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Grizzly Attack

*The Lewis and Clark expedition was stopped dead in it's tracks by a grizzly bear.

*several tribes told the expedition about grizzly bears.

*Clark and other members fired 10 shots at the bear before it died.

*The first grizzlies Lewis saw during the expedition were smaller grizzly bears.

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Fort Manden

*Fort Mandan was made by the Lewis and Clark Expedition,in the November of 1804

*It was eventually completed on November 27th.

*It was made to defend against hostile indian tribes for the winter.

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SGT. Floyd

*Only crew member to die on the expedition.

*Died August 20, 1804

*Has his own Monument in Sioux City.

*Considered a "A Man of much merit"

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Fort Clastop

*Used for winter, just like Mandan.

*The expedition remained at fort Clastop from December 7, 1805 until March 23 1806.

*Was in an area with a large population of elk.

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St Louis

*Started their journey in St Louis.

*Planned to meet at St. Charles

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Lousiana Purchase

*One of the biggest land purchases in history.

*France originally owned the land.

*Vast, unexplored land for the americans.

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