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It's time to VERIFY those hours!

Thank you to ALL of our mentors. We are so grateful that you take the time to verify hours each week. Please use this form.

Spring Break week for Perry starts March 29th. Students return to class on April 6th.

There is no expectation that students earn their internship hours during Spring Break.

This Week's Internship Hero

Dr. Joseph Deak, Director of the Lakeland Community College Biotechnology Science Program

My Internship hero is Dr. Deak. When I get to my internship Dr. Deak always greets Lexi and I with a smile. He always fills us in on what he has planned for class and makes sure to provide us with the same materials as the students. If I am not understanding what is going on, he makes sure to explain in detail what is going on and encourages his students to include me in the labs. Dr. Deak is always happy to be teaching and always makes sure to crack jokes! Dr. Deak took the time after one of his labs to provide Lexi and I with information about what careers we could potentially pursue with different degrees in science. Dr. Deak is my Internship Hero. I am grateful that he includes me in his Lakeland class like one of his own.

By Anna Edmiston

My Internship Hero would definitely be Dr. Deak. He has always made sure I understood the labs at the Biotechnology Lab class and gives me extra details whenever it’s needed. One of my goals for the internship was to learn more about career opportunities within the biotechnology field. Dr. Deak spent an hour of his time after the labs were over, to thoroughly go through a powerpoint presentation about the career pathways related to biotechnology. He not only shared career opportunities with me but he explained what professionals in these careers specifically do in their jobs. I know this was just one hour, but it really made a difference in how I am thinking about my options for my future. I can clearly see a path for myself now. This is all thanks to Dr. Deak!

By Lexi Ibarra

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Mock Interview Day is April 27th at 12:20 and 1:30!

Every semester our interns engage in a strategic job search unit in which they write resumes, improve their interview skills, and ultimately put their skills to the test on Mock Interview Day!

If you are a mentor you will be invited to join us. At this point, we plan to conduct the interviews over zoom. More specific details will follow. We hope that you can join us!