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Digital Citizenship Week

Digital Citizenship lessons are in full swing at Litchfield Public Schools. High School students watched a video by Mike Smith, motivational speaker and action sports personality, to start their lessons. Middle School team teachers each chose a grade appropriate lesson for their advisory from our Digital Citizenship resources. Ripley Elementary teachers and students are excited for Digital Citizenship Week at the end of this month.

We encourage you to talk to your child about Digital Citizenship as it is a cooperative effort between home and school to keep our children safe in the digital world. A tool box of resources is available for you here.

Digital Glossary

Your child may have no idea what your generation slang is and you may be out of touch with their digital slang. Decode what your kids are talking about with the help of the Common Sense Digital Glossary. Just a sample of digital terms: POS (parent over shoulder), PIR (parent in room), TBT (Throwback Thursday)

Device Free Dinner Challenge

If you think conversations at meal time matter, join the device free dinner challenge and create memories with your child.

Family Media Agreement and Device Contract

Families have rules. Look both ways before you cross the street. Don't jump on the bed. Say Please and Thank You. As parents, we make rules to keep our children safe and to be good citizens. Family rules can be applied to devices, social media and the internet, too. Click this link to login and create a Family Media Agreement and Device Contract from Common Sense Media. Or create you own rules with these basics in mind: I will...stay safe, think first, stay balanced.

Most importantly, talk to your children and set family expectations.

Teaching With Blogs

Students at Litchfield High School are demonstrating their learning in unique and creative ways. For example, check out these student blogs that are part of the curriculum for English 10. Students are creating Wordpress sites and blogging on them. Pinterest pages have been created to organize all of their sites together.

Photo: Guest speaker Troy Bruning explains to students how to polish their Wordpress sites.

First Hour Wordpress Sites

Second Hour Wordpress Sites

Sixth Hour Wordpress Sites