Newtons 1st Law of Motion

By: PaigeThompson

About Newtons 1st Law of Motion

Newtons 1st law of motion states that if an object is at rest it will remain at rest and if an object is in motion it will remain in motion uless acted on by an unbalanced force. In 1686 a man by the name of Sir Isaac Newton discovered this law. Newton discovered this law because he knew that if an object is at rest or moving, it would continue to do whatever it was doing unless an unbalanced force was extered upon it. Newtons 1st law is often referred to as "Newtons Law of Inertia" because inertia is an objects tendency to remain at rest or continue to move at a constant speed.

Interesting Fact about Newtons 1st Law and How it Pertains to Everyday Conversation

One very cool thing thing to think about is that Newtons 1st Law of Motion can also contain to our everyday life and conversation. If you ever talk about how to improve your environmentn you are talking about Newtons 1st Law in a different way, because your environment will continue to stay the same unless you apply some external forces to change it. Another thing that can go with this law is our relationships to other people. I'm sure we all talk about our friendships, and how some of them aren't doing so well, but if we change our attitude and apply some positive forces, these relationships can be mended, and as Newtons 1st law states- an object at rest will remain at rest unless an unbalanced force acts on it.

How Vehicles can correspond with Newtons Law

If a vehicle is parked, it is not in motion, therefore it will remain parked unless acted on by an unequal force. If the vehicle is moving at a constant speed it will continue to move unless an unbalanced force is acted upon it. Whether the unbalanced force be a heavier object crashing in to the car, or the car slamming on its breaks either way Newtons 1st law is acting on the car. Inertia depends on the mass of an object, so the more the mass of the car, the more the inertia.
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The picture above shows that if the car runs in to this brick wall the car will no longer continue to move due to an unbalanced force acting against it.