Hudson's Happenings

January 8, 2016

Notes From the Teacher

Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed their break. We are now in 3rd quarter. WOW! This year is really flying by fast. It is time to start preparing for 3rd grade. Second graders will be expected to work and act more like 3rd graders from here on out.

Thank you to those parents who sent treats for our Winter Breakfast. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed all the yummy food and treats.

Grade cards came home yesterday. Please be sure to take a look at them and praise your child in areas they are doing well and encourage them in areas that need improvement.

Six Flags Read to Succeed papers are coming home today. They are due by February 26th!

Book Orders are due by January 15th. You may also order online!

Go to and enter the class code GPMLB

This Week's Focus


*I can determine the difference between fiction and informational text.


*I can write like a scientist.


*I can spell words with the long a using ai, ay, and a-consonant-e.

*I can identify the predicate of a sentence.


*I can group data into categories based on similar attributes.

*I can sort the same set of data in different ways.

*I can use a Venn diagram to represent a sorted set of data.

*I can read and interpret information represented on a bar graph.


*I can describe the location of an object by using position words.

*I can explain that pushes and pulls are forces that change position of objects.

*I can recognize the relationship between the size of a force and the motion of an object.

Upcoming Events

January 13th- Early Release

January 15th- Book Orders due

January 18th- NO SCHOOL

January 20th- Brag Tag Assembly 9:00