Reading Final

By: Evan Smith

What was the consequence of Demeter actions?

Zeus had to approach Demeter and tell her this cannot go on, and then Zeus intervened. He sent all the gods and goddesses one by one to plead to Demeter. He saw he must send Hermes to the underworld and take Persephone to Demeter again. Demeter got reunited with Persephone. The consequence of this story is there is a season of no growth of anything on the Earth for a period of time which it is called winter.

How did humankind suffer as a result of one individual’s impulses?

They couldn't get anything to grow on Earth, so everyone was suffering because Demeter cursed the soil. The human race was going to die if Zeus didn't do anything.

What does this myth suggest about the effects of an individual’s actions on the community as a whole?

Demeter cursed the soil and demanded her daughter back and wouldn't take the curse off until she got her back. She almost killed off the human kind until Zeus stopped her and got Persephone.
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Was the Emperor’s decision at the legend’s beginning better for the individual or the community?

The emperor was thinking about his self with his decision he wanted his daughter not to marry to keep the kingdom alive and thriving. He didn't want anyone to mess up his kingdom also. So it was better for him.

Is it ever important to consider the needs of a community over the needs of an individual? Explain.

Yes it is important to consider the needs of an community sometimes because if you're the ruler of the kingdom and had a daughter everyone would want her to marry. They would want this so the kingdom will keep passing down from generation to generation and not die out. So yes it is important to consider the needs of a community before your self sometimes.
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How do Coyote’s ignorance and selfishness cause harm to others?

Coyote's ignorance and selfishness harmed others because he caused winter whenever he opened the box that had to sun and the moon flew to opposite corners of the sky. This caused winter which no food or anything grows, so there would be no food for the animals to eat.

Which character bears more blame for losing the sun and moon? Why?

Eagle does because he's mad at himself for trusting Coyote with the box and he forgot that Coyote is stupid pathetic cunning creature.

What does this folk tale imply about the individual’s responsibility to the community?

It implies that Coyote broke everyone's trust when he opened the box, and he was thinking about himself when he did open it.
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