Medical Withdrawal Flowchart

Student Affairs Office

Student seeks a Medical Withdrawal

Notify student!

1. Medical Documentation is required to process a Medical Withdrawal.

2. A Medical Withdrawal is NOT noted on the Transcript.

3. If Withdrawal early in term, Financial Aid may have to returned.

To be considered for a Medical Withdrawal:

Please go to the Student Affairs office or call to notify the Student Affairs office that you wish to be considered for a Medical Withdrawal.

Submit Medical Documentation and a Letter from the student explaining the medical situation along with which or all classes the student wishes to be withdrawn from. Medical Documentation must be provided from a Medical Provider (i.e. counselor, physician) recommending a Withdrawal from school.

The Dean of Students will look over your Student Letter and Medical Documentation and let you know if your request is approved or denied.

OR student can drop class(es) on own

Student can do a Complete Withdraw, Blue Registration Form from Registrar's Office required, if completed by Friday of the 7th week of the term.