By: Zoie Smith

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About Miep

Miep is a young woman who hid eight people in a secret annex for 25 months. Among those people there were the Frank's, the Vanndans, and several others. Everyday Miep would come after the people had left the office down below the secret annex. Miep kept the office workers from finding them by avoiding them as much as possible. The people hiding in the annex had to be extremely quiet, which meant no walking around, no using the toilet or running water, no one could ever get sick. Miep brought them food with which she used illegal ration books, once the people who she was getting them off of were arrested, she began giving them some of her food. The day the hiders of the annex were caught Miep went to her house to find any piece of jewelry she could to try to bribe the officer, but he held a gun up to her head. On January 11, 2010 Miep died at age 100.

There is Always Hope

One theme I give the Diary of Anne Frank is there is always hope. And always said she wanted to be a writer someday. Miep found the diary and kept it and gave if to Mr. Frank, he published it. They said they will get to go back home and everything will go back to normal. On Hanukkah they prayed and sang a song. Anne left her cat at their house so she would have it when the war was over. Miep often said the end is near. They always said it would all be over soon.

Becoming a Woman

Another theme I give the Diary of Anne Frank is becoming a woman. Becoming a woman mainly applies to Anne. In the beginning Anne was very rude and annoying. Anne did not listen to her mother. She always end fought with Peter; like when Peter was calling Anne Mrs. Quack Quack. She argued with everyone in the annex. One time Anne spilled a cup of milk on Mrs. Vanndans coaght and Mrs. Vanndan got very mad at her. Anne started to grow up and stop arguing with everyone. Anne and Peter fell in love and no longer argued with Peter. Anne apologize to her mom for the way she was acting. Anne became a good young teen.