Educational apps for the School

December 29th


Educreation is an app that basically turns your ipad into an interactive whiteboard. You can insert text using your keypad or using your finger. You can also put in pictures, but what makes it most unique is that you can record your voice while you are drawing and so it is a great presentation app. Below is a link that will allow your to download the app and a picture of the icon.


Smore is a website and not an app. Smore allows someone to create a flier that can be shared over the internet or printed and can be about pretty much anything you want. It is free to sign up and is great for presentations. I have made this presentation for you on smore. Below is a link to the website.


Pearltrees is an app that is great for group projects. This app allows you create a sort of information tree that has links to websites, YouTube clips, text and photos. The part that makes it great for group work is that you can search for other people on pearltrees and take some of their work and put it onto your own so people in a group can each do a part of it and then one person can take it all and have it on one Ipad. Below is a link to the App Store and a picture of the logo.


This is a very interactive, modern day presentation app. You can place links, text and pictures into the app and it looks like a mind map. It is great for presentations and study notes.


This is app is one that my uncle said you would like. He said that it is great for AFL, he said you would know what that means. There are two different versions of it. There is one for teachers and one for students. The logos are the same.