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About Me

Hey! My Name is Johnny I Am A Chef. I make buttermilk pie which is my specialty. I am also grieving because my grandma recently pasted away in Alabama. Some people might say I'm controller but I just like for everything to flow perfectly. Lastly I take my job / occupation very seriously.
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Things I like

my preferred type of music is country and a little bit of r&b. my favorite animal is a giraffe because there so majestic. also one my all time favorite movie is Armarmageddon


Shoofly Pie

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Status Update #1


Status Update #2

How is yalls day going? mine is great!

Status Update #3

im so over whelmed by my grandmas death :/

Hey Johnny Its Riyad

Ive seen you coming into work for the past couple days really upset and I just want to give my Condolences.

Johnny Grandmas Funeral

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 1:15pm

4456 Bonney Road

Virginia Beach, VA

this event is for johnnies late grandma. and everyone that knew Johnny or his grandma are welcome!