By: Clarkson English JH


Inferences are like little hints that lead to a bigger thing.


The baby was asleep upstairs in his bed. Suddenly, I heard a loud, "THUMP!" and he began crying hysterically. I ran upstairs because I inferred that he fell out of bed.

In third grade, you cannot go to fourth grade unless you pass the final exam. My classmate said she was going back to third grade again. I know she's gets bad grades , so i inferred that she failed her final exam.

Just because the famous actor was seen in a jewelry store, all the tabloids inferred he's going to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

Inference passage and questions

For years Bob had worked at the horse stable near his farm. He loved grooming, feeding, and exercising the horses. He had dreamed of owning his own horse some day. His favorite horse was a brown roan named “Jewel”. Jewel was going to foal any day now. Bob was saving every penny he could to try to buy Jewel’s foal. His birthday was two days away and he hoped he would get money from his parents and grandparents.

On Wednesday after school Bob rushed to the stable. Standing on wobbly legs was a newborn foal. It was beautiful! The foal had brown and white spots and huge brown eyes. Bob hated to leave the foal but he had to rush home for his birthday celebration. After supper, Bob’s mother brought in his cake. He quickly blew out his candles and made a wish. Then Bob opened his gift from his parents. It was money and a bridle!

Name at least two things you can infer:

What were the clues in the text?