Fourth Grade News

Mrs. Black * Mrs. Hodge * Mrs. Seeger

Upcoming Events

Marco's Pizza Night: Wednesday, October 19th

Fundraiser Pickup: Thursday, October 20th 4:00-6:30

Homecoming Football game and parade: Friday, October 21st. (participants in the parade should arrive at the HS parking lot between 4:30-4:45)

Music program: Thursday, October 27th, 7:00pm

Fall party: Friday 28th, 2:45pm


Conferences: Select a time with Signup Genuis this week (you will receive an email)

Twitter: Join us on twitter at awmo4thgrade

Grades: The end of the quarter is Wednesday 10/19. Final grades/comments will be available on 10/26 to view in PowerSchool.

Service Project: Thank you for the generous donations for our animal service project! The students had a great time making cuddle blankets, cat condos, and hay-filled hamster/gerbil/bunny treats during recess this week. It is great to help out the animals in our community. Be on the lookout for an article and pictures in the local Mirror soon!

For the students chosen to attend the Humane Society Presentation, it is on Thursday, 10/20 from 4:30-5:30.

Red Ribbon Week 10/24-10/28

“YOLO (You Only Live Once): Be Drug Free.”

Monday- Awake T-shirt

Tuesday- Wear a shirt from your favorite team/activity/hobby

Wednesday- Fitness clothes

Thursday- Generals gear

Friday- Orange and black

Officer Crosby visits- 11/2

Reading & Language Arts

In Language we have finished sentence structure and will move into studying nouns.

Noun topics include: singular, plural, irregular, and possessive

Unit 2 of our reading series emphasizes stories with animals. This unit focuses on folktales, fables, and a drama. Being able to identify the theme of a story and summarize are key skills in this unit.


Unit 2 of spelling has begun. The homework is still due on Thursdays, but students have the option to choose from a new assignment each week (no repeats please). Assignments are similar to the ones required from Unit 1.


We have moved onto our next unit in math - adding and subtracting large numbers. Students will be practicing carrying over and borrowing again in fourth grade. This skill builds on the addition and subtraction topics students have been learning already. Students will now use larger numbers, numbers with decimals, and money. You can help your student at home by practicing finding change when at the store or adding up purchases. Also, continue to practice basic multiplication facts at home. The students will benefit from know these facts quickly when we move onto multi-digit multiplication and division.

Social Studies

We have finished our study of Geography, but map skills and the understanding of natural resources and manufacturing will be reoccurring topics the students should utilize throughout the entire year.

This week we began studying government! We will focus first on the national/federal government, then state government, finishing up with our rights and responsibilities. It is nice for students to relate our classroom information to current events however, we will not be discussing the current candidates or sharing political views. Please use this time as a teaching moment at home to understand how citizens have the right to elect our officials.


We recently began chapter 6, and are learning about matter! We began by discussing the properties of matter and how they help us describe and identify matter. Next, we will be discussing how to measure matter, and the phases of matter. After that, we will explore the difference between mixtures and solutions. We will end by learning about physical and chemical changes to matter. As we progress through this chapter, we are making a "cut and glue, flip and fold-able" study guide to help us focus on important concepts and vocabulary.