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BLAST! Special Edition

Pillar 1: Leadership Development

What exactly is GASC BLAST again?

BLAST! Summer Camp was brought back to GASC in 2015. It was Laura Drom's dream to bring this life changing camp back as a part of GASC, and her dream was realized last year. With the help of the camp director, Mrs. Holly Brodnax, and the camp facilitators, Mr. A'ric Jackson, Mrs. Jennifer Buckley, Ms. Shirley Quenzer, and Shane Feldman, GASC BLAST 2016 came back better than ever.

It took place on June 9-12, 2016 at the beautiful South Georgia State College in Douglas, GA. The student delegates shared a long weekend of leadership games, development, and fun. A'ric Jackson, a public speaker and excellent leadership facilitator, developed the curriculum for the camp and worked closely with students as they explored different styles of leadership, communication skills, exemplary practices, and even determined what they wanted their leadership legacy to be.

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Pillar 2: Service

Back At It Again: Year 2 Campers

The group of students who were returning BLAST campers participated in a series of service projects and activities.

Part of a Dude Be Nice initiative, these second years painted canvases for Shirley Quenzer, the facility (South Georgia State College), and the lunch ladies. They also made promotion videos for the school and camp. The most personal thing they did was write deep letters to all of the first year camp attendees.

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Pillar 3: Membership

Distinguished BLAST Leaders

Caralee Bennett, Camden County High School

Savannah Brodnax, Grayson High School

Hailey Chinen, Camden County High School

Reina Cobbs, Wayne County High School

Dalton Davidson, Wayne County High School

Alyssa Hare, Coffee High School

Hannah Harper, Coffee High School

Avery Hurst, George Washington Carver

Akugbe Imudia, Grayson High School

Trinity Johnson, Grayson High School

Andreea Juravschi, Mountain View High School

Yusuf Khader, Mountain View High School

Liza Llanos, Wayne County High School

Kendall McCarthy, North Gwinnett High School

Mikayla Merritt, Wayne County High School

Brice Minix, Coffee High School

Jennie Nguyen, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology

Max Oliver, Wayne County High School

Avery Ray, Grayson High School

Katlyn Reece, Mountain View High School

Beckett Smith, Grayson High School

Jovanna Soler, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology

Ali Stehr, Mountain View High School

Kensley Vickers, Coffee High School

Jillian Walker, Mountain View High School

Leyland Whitetree, Camden County High School

Nubia Young, Wayne County High School

Quotes from the students who attended this year!

"You come together as friends and leave together as one big family."

-Avery Ray, Grayson High School

"You could not find a more accepting, comforting, and life changing group of people in the world. At BLAST, you form relationships in 4 days that last a lifetime."

-Adreea J., Mountain View High School

"One of the most life changing and unique experiences out there. The individual leadership lessons we learned throughout the journey are things that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives, including the incredible relationships we made along the way."

-Ali Stehr, Mountain View High School

"My whole outlook on life changed at BLAST. Not only did I learn leadership lessons that will last a lifetime, but I met a group of people that became my family. It is an experience that I will never forget."

-Beckett Smith, Grayson High School

"To be completely honest, I didn't come to this camp with "out of this world expectations." I signed up because it was just something to do during the summer so that I wouldn't be bored. But after spending four days with such genuine and real people and learning the lessons that I did, I came out of this camp with such a new outlook on the world and how to be a better leader in it. I made such strong friendships, participated in fun team-building sports, and even learned things about myself that I did not know before. This camp is the best part of GASC, and I strongly recommend it to all Student Council members."

-Jennie Nguyen, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology

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Pillar 4: Connections

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Pillar 5: Democratic Principles

Congratulations to the campers that were elected to GASC BLAST Honor Council

Pillar 6: Advisor Development

Thanks to our Junior and Senior Counselors for making BLAST 2016 run so smoothly!

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Junior Counselors: Ian Diffley, Grayson Noah, Anna Gann, Kieran Lane, Steven Ramdilal
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Senior Counselor: Dan Kamykowski

And of course a HUGE thank you goes out to these wonderful camp facilitators. BLAST wouldn't have been a blast without you all.

Oh! And don't forget to join us for BLAST 2017 ;)

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