Louis Zamperini

By ; Nate Fenske

Who is Louis

Louis "Zamp" Zamperini was a a crash & war survivor. He was a Bombardier in WW2 and his plane crashed in the ocean. He survived in the Pacific for 47 days by catch fish and drinking rainwater. After 47 days, he got caught by the Japanese and had to survive 2 years in POW camps being brutally beaten and starved. After he have come back to the USA He became a christian speaker.
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There is 3 types of conflicts he had to deal with. His conflicts were character vs character, character vs nature and character vs self.

  • He had to deal with nature by surviving in the pacific for 47 days,
  • Also he had to deal with Mutsuhiro Watanabe - A POW camp officer who brutally beaten him everyday for his liking.
  • After the war was over, Louie had post traumatic stress which caused him to drink everyday, He decided to change because of his faith/religion so he had stopped drinking and became a christian speaker.

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Louie Zamperini was born January 26, 1917 in Olean,NY. He moved to Torrance, California when he was a child. When he was a young teen he stole items from store and bars. He was being chased by the Police. Louie's brother, Pete introduced him into track. Louie kept on running track and eventually made it into the 1936 USA Olympic team. He ran one of the fastest lap around a track in the world. When he got home, he joined the US Army and became a bombardier. During a rescue mission his plane had malfunctions and crashed. Louie had to survive 47 days at sea by drinking rainwater and eating fish. During the 47th day, the Japanese captured him. He was sent to POW camps and had to survive the brutal beatings for 2 years. After the war he became a Christian speaker.


The theme of him is to always have faith and keep going. He survived those 47 days at sea because he had faith. He kept on going through those beatings and survived.
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“I think the hardest thing in life is to forgive. Hate is self destructive. If you hate somebody, you're not hurting the person you hate, you're hurting yourself. It's a healing, actually, it's a real healing...forgiveness.”

― Louis Zamperini

“I'd made it this far and refused to give up because all my life I had always finished the race.”

― Louis Zamperini

“One moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.”

― Louis Zamperini

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