Why We Have Dreams

A Story On Why We Have Dreams

Why We have Dreams

Do you ever wonder why we have dreams, well this is why. so basically there are these creatures called Bandamans. Bandamans have a special power to hop inside peoples heads. from there the Bandamans are able to dig through your had and make you have dreams. when you don't have dreams the Bandamans are on break.

The way the Bandamans decide if you have good or bad dreams, is they a coin. If the coin is heads you have you have good dreams, if the coin is tails you have bad dreams. If the Bandamans get heads they dig through your head and see what you like, then they make you dream about that. If they flip tails then they dig through your head and see what you are scared of, and then you dream about that. now it depends on the Bandamans mood if they are happy then you have a better good bream, and a not as bad bad dream. if the Bandamans are mad then you have a very scary bad dram, and a not a s good good dream.

So now you know why we have dreams.