Going Google

Volume 2 - Issue 16

Adding Pictures and Videos to a Google Form

Decide on the picture or video

First, decide on the picture or video you’d like to use in your form. For my pictures, I used Word to format them and then used the snipping tool to snap a picture and save them as .jpg files. For the video, I selected a YouTube video, and then copied the web address. Pictures can be used in a google form in many ways; you could use it as a mood check in, a writing prompt, a multiple choice or matching question. Check out my completed form to see a few different examples. What are some other ways that you could use pictures and video in forms?

Create a form

Create your form, choose a theme, and give it a title.

Add the picture/video

Add the picture or video by clicking on the drop down arrow next to Add item and choosing Image or Video.
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Upload the picture you want to use or search for an image from Google, Life, or Stock Images. You can search youtube, or if you already know the link, put it in the search bar.

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Create a question

Create a question to go along with it, it can be multiple choice or free response. Check out my example form here. http://goo.gl/hmQ7ba

If you’d like to watch a video tutorial on adding images and video to a google form; it’s available here. http://goo.gl/SoM4w3

How to Embed Google presentation into Sharpschool

  1. Create or open a Google presentation
  2. Make sure to Share your presentation as “Public on the web” and Save
  3. Click on FilePublish to the web
  4. First, choose Presentation Size (I recommend Small)
  5. Second, select your play settings
  6. When all set, copy the Embed code
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To add it to your Sharp School Page:

  • Login into your Sharpschool site and open a “Content Space Page”

  • Go to Page Properties – Check-out & Edit Page

  • At the bottom of the Page Content page, choose HTML instead of Design

  • Paste the Embed code into the HTML page and then click Publish

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