MinecraftEdu...Can You Dig It?

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Google Slides Presentation MinecraftEdu...Can You Dig It?

Nearpod Presentation - Use this pin to access presentation at a later time QYAUP



Teaching with MinecraftEDU

Using MinecraftEdu

World Library

The Minecraft Teacher: Minecraftedu creator, Joel Levin's blog


Redstone Guide

Minecraft - Official Website

Minecraft Education Edition

3D print your creation - Mr. Jarrett's Blog Post


Biology Classroom example in Hawaii

Physical Science Example

Physics Example

Language Arts

Minecraft in the Classroom Teaches Reading, Writing and Problem Solving Article

Social Studies

Medieval Class Project

Excellent Projects (Paleolith, Colonial, Native American, Hanging Gardens, Latin America, Egypt and more.)


Minecraft and Mathematics Blog Post

6 Lessons for Math

Minecraft Guides

Crafting Guide

Teacher Cheat Sheet

Minecraft Across the Curriculum

Minecraft in Education


Minecraft for Teachers Google Group

Other Tech Tools

Nearpod - interactive presentation tool

Showbie - App used to assign and collect work on ipads

Forge - Mod Loader