by: keirah cherry

social networking service

The Facebook website was launched on February 4, 2004, by mark zuckerberg, along with Harvard college.Anyone that's the age or 13 and older can register user of Facebook. Facebook can be accessed by a large range of laptops ,tablet computers,and smartphones over the internet and mobile networks.


notifications are when others update there profiles or post . common-interest user groups organized by workplace, school, hobbies or other topics and categorize your friends into lists such as "people from work" or "close friends into groups.


this is how the place or website run things . they need to every thing in order and make sure its clean ,if its place but if its a website then they should have no issues.


this base on services as in other words (management). they should do the best they can to provide the costumers and its really important to have patients with Person you are working with .because if you don't the costumer will not buy or tell others that its not good services.

information technology

information technology is the feed back on what are you trying to start on or joining anything . you need to know what going happen this happen and know the history behind.


it can provide upgrades , and premonitions as in like if people got use to it then its time for a new thing to keep people using this website or anything that still going on for years already.


this is the business organization . they what there going to put out next after people got use the this way

human resorces

people can probably relate to some things and find something new haven't knew before they started .