Job Interview Process

Garrett Ames

Before the Interview

-Practice what you are going to say the night before.

-Research about the company.

-Time your route.

-Think of questions to ask the interviewer.

During the Interview

-Greet the employer with a firm handshake, your name, and the name of the job that you're applying for.

-Arrive on time; 5 minutes before the interview.

-Bring extra copies of your resume.

-Ask questions not covered in the interview; such as "What would someone in my position make?"

-Silence phone.

5 Common Interview Questions

Here is a video of some common interview questions.
10 Most Common Interview Questions with Answers

After the Interview

-Shake the interviewer's hand again.

-Thank them for taking their time to interview you.

-Send a thank you via email or mail.

Dress for the Interview

-Dress a step or two above the job that you are applying for.

-Perfume or cologne.

-Comb you hair.

-Dress to impress.



Interview Don'ts

-Don't chew gum.

-Don't smoke.

-Don't play on your phone.

-Don't ask for specific pay.

-Don't mess with hair or other body parts.

Top 10 Do's and Don't in an Interview