Weekly update


LOUD L, seasons, and Number writings

Hello pre k parents. We introduced our new letter buddy LOUD L. We brainstormed over 20 L words. We drew and colored pix of LOUD L. We practiced handwriting in our journals, phonics books, and on our own. We wrote LOVE notes to our Mom's and Dad's. We hung them in the classroom for ALL to see. We practiced one to one counting in lakeshoure math centers. We practiced number writings with white boards and dry erase markers. We continued to practice patterns and number recognition too. We welcomed FALL to our classroom and earth.

Formal Picture day Friday October 2nd ...please have children dress in formal attire ...girls wear cba jumper and or dress ...boys wear white shirt and tie

Next week

We will meet our new letter buddy Mini M. We will work in our journals, phonics books, and on our own. We will practice inventive spelling and read the story Moosestache. We will practice number writing in math. We count, graph and eat some m & m's. We will write number stories. We will build houses and people with marshmallow and pretzels. We will practice map skills. We will go on another nature hike to find out more about fall. We will have picture day on Friday. We will list and act out ways to be respectful. Thanks for ALL you do. Team Pre K is the BEST!!!! Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!!