Hindu Life

By Jacob Lamb

Hindu Holiday

Kumbh Mela - pilgrimage every 12 years to four cities in India (July-August; last one 2003)

Raksābandhana - renewing bonds between brothers and sisters (July-August)

Dassera - victory of Rama over demon king Ravana (September-October)

Hindu Belifes

They believe in drama, karma, samsara, moksha

Hindu Food 🍳

Many Hindus have an altar at home and offer their food before eating. Meat, fish, poultry, and eggs.

Hindu Clothing

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Hindu 3 Main Gods

House of worship, holy text, and goals

The house of worship is the mandir, the holy text is the Vedas, and the goals in life are to reach moksha.

Founded when, where, who

The Aryan people founded Hinduism in 4000 BC in India.