Mrs. Friedman's Flyer

December 15, 2015

News and Announcements


  • December 16th: Half Day Schedule for Students, 1:30-3:20 pm conferences
  • December 17th: Regular Schedule for Students, 6:00-8:00 pm conferences
  • December 18th: School Closed for Students, 8:10-12:30 am conferences
  • December 21st: Half Day Schedule for Students, 6:00-8:00 pm conference
  • December 21st: 9:30 am Community Meeting: First grade will be singing with Mr. Hecker's music class!
  • December 23rd: Half Day Schedule…Have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!!


  • Congratulations to Audrey Kelly for winning the Reflections Program award for Visual Arts "Let Your Imagination Fly" in the primary grades. She has moved on to win not just for our school, but for the County! We can't wait to see where you go next Audrey! We will be rooting for you!

  • Thank you to Mrs. Kelly for teaching yoga to our class. This calmed us and helped us become focused in a fun way! We hope to have you in again soon!

  • Please help your child to only bring in one item to share when he or she is helper of the day. Please be sure that these items do not have any weapons attached to them.

Previous announcements which will be discontinued in the new year:

  • I've created a classroom album called “Mrs. Friedman's 1st Grade” where I'll be posting photos, videos and more. This will be private and only available to be viewed by any parent in this class who joins. To join the album click on this link. Since I can send more frequent pictures through this app, I will be posting less pictures in my newsletters.

  • Do you have an inexpensive extra set of headphones at home? We could use them for our iPads! Please label them with your child's name. We will use them when we practice math skills, word work, and listen to stories online with the iPads.

  • Have you ever asked your child what they did in school only to hear "nothing"? Please consider signing up for Remind text or email alerts for our classroom. I will be sending out weekly questions or table topics for you. You can sign up by following this linkor you can go to the technology tab on my eBoard.

  • Please have your child practice reading the guided reading book when it is sent home. Please send it back to school with your child the next day. For more information on the book bag, please see a copy of the letter I sent home, now posted on my eBoard.


Computer-Hour of Code

Students participated in the Hour of Code last week during Computer Science Education week. The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in over 180 countries. It is a one-hour introduction to computer science. It is designed to encourage students to learn about computer sciences, and it shows that anybody can learn the basics! Students teamed up with their buddies in Ms. Singley's fourth grade class to code their own computer game! The choices of games include MineCraft, Frozen, Disney's Incredibles, and Star Wars. The students were so proud to code all the levels and earn a certificate at the end!


We have now completed Unit 3. We continue to work on the consonant digraphs wh, ch, sh, th, and ck. We focus on capitalization, punctuation, and proper phrasing while reading and writing. Students practiced word work in fun ways! Students used Bananagram tiles to create a list of words. Students also went on word hunts to find words with digraphs in them. They have now carried these skills into other areas of study, and they love to point out when they see digraphs during writer's workshop and reading!

Reader's Workshop

First graders have been becoming better readers by identifying the setting and characters of the story. We went deeper into these story elements by actually creating a story based on a setting. The students got to choose a setting: in the ocean, zoo, or farm. Students worked together in groups to write a story and illustrate a background, or setting for their story. I was impressed by how well they worked together to accomplish the tasks!

Math Workshop

The mathematicians in our class continue to practice how to add and subtract on the number line, tell time to the half hour, use frames and arrows diagrams, and make different combinations of 10. We also explored dot patterns on dominoes. There are math games you can play to practice at home that only require cards, dominoes, or a computer/iPad! You can play top-it (which is like War) with cards or dominoes, and your child can use the computer/iPad to practice math facts using these websites and apps on my eBoard!

Writer's Workshop

In our next Unit, writers shift from writing small moment stories about their own lives to nonfiction informational texts. The students are very invested in writing books that will teach all they know about a topic to others! We have studied mentor authors to see how other writers present informational pieces. We have even studied the illustrations or photos in informational text so that we can make our stories and illustrations just like those authors do! Students have utilized their writing partners during this unit by checking in with their partner and seeing if their partners have any questions about who, what, where, why, or when their informational text takes place. The writers have written their longest pieces yet! Writers are encouraged to use fancy words and vocabulary, even if they are not confident in spelling. Students know that they can tap out words and use our word wall for help with spelling!

Social Studies

First graders are learning about changes over time. We talked about families, clothing, appliances, technology, hairstyles, and more! We are also exploring American symbols. It has been fun to learn facts surrounding emblems. Students practiced singing some patriotic songs. We continue to watch the Berry College Eagle Cam. Hopefully mom will lay her eggs soon!