Christmas in November

Early Celebration

We are celebrating Christmas early in Fifth Grade!!!

Can you start celebrating too early? The answer is NO! We want to celebrate Christmas on November 25th-a whole month early!! Students are already working like elves in the workshop to make miniature sleds for the lobby Christmas tree.

Special Snacks

Reindeer made with nutter butters

Marshmallow Snowmen

Candy canes made from bananas and strawberries

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List of items needed

large marshmallows

3 lb. of strawberries

2 packages of Nutter Butters

red and green M&M's

a bag of pretzels (knots)

can of white icing

shish kabob sticks

24 banans

24 fruit roll ups

1 bag of Hershey kisses

miniature chocolate chips

Christmas in November