Weekly Memo: 12/21/15-12/23/15

"Overcoming Mediocrity & Redefining Excellence"

Meesage From: Ms. Stewart, Principal

Transcending our comfort zones to enhance our school culture is the theme of this week...

The first quarter of the 2015/2016 school year has been rather eventful for all of us. During these times, it is human nature to give in to what is most comfortable to us especially when we are being stretched beyond the expected into the unexpected. Beginning this week and beyond I challenge you to seek out moments to grow, moments to make amends, moments to question, moments of acceptance, and moments to demand more of yourself and one another as we declare a resolution to leave mediocrity in 2015 and embark on a journey of excellence. We all must be deliberate and intentional about our school culture because the livelihood of our school depends on it... Check out this video below by clicking play and be prepared to discuss during Team Planning...

Building a School Culture of Excellence


Updates & Reminders:

Please report to Morning Duty promptly at 7:30am:
  • Bus Duty: Mrs. Constantine, Ms. Beauford, & Ms. Charles
  • Stairway/Kingsman Hall Duty: Ms. Osorio, Ms. Ma, Ms. Morton, Ms. Z. Williams, Mrs. Didomizio, Ms. Basdeo, Ms. Gautier
  • Cafeteria: All Teacher Associates & Mr. Quashie

Early Morning Expectations for Teachers (7:30am-8:00am):

  • #1: Post Common Core aligned I Can Statements for ALL Content Area along with Morning Message to scholars. #2 Post Do Now linked to I Can Statement. #3: Be prepared to greet scholars at the door with a pleasant Good Morning and/or handshake.

Dismissal Expectations for All Staff:

  • All staff, visitors, and parents must uphold the Level 0 expectation during bussing/dismissal by: #1. Reinforcing clear end of day procedures including being packed up and ready to go at 3:45pm (bus scholars) and 4:00pm (parent pick-up). #2. If parents would like to discuss their child's progress they can wait for you in the main office until all scholars have been dismissed. #3 All scholars should be engaged in D.E.A.R. time or silently completing homework as they await pickup. #4 All staff picking up scholars (including Xposure) should silently step over the threshold and silently signal for scholars to line up.



Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Break Assignment distributed to scholars:
  • K-2: Scholars should be given a reading log to track daily reading with a parent signature line. Assigned worksheets should be purposeful...quality v. quantity. 1st & 2nd grade scholars should receive iReady lessons as well. A minimum of 1 Reading and 1 Math lesson.
  • 3-5: NY Rehearsal ELA and MAP Plus Mock Exams should be sent home for test correction. For ELA, scholars should cite evidence for correct response by underlining & numbering it. For math, students should use loose leaf to show their work for corrected responses.
  • Teacher Associate schedules submitted to Ms. Stewart & Ms. Schwartz for approval.

Select classes will view a performance of The Grinch presented by Nazareth High School at 11:45am. Details to be provided by Ms. James.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Student Growth Challenge Pre-Work/Guidelines:
  • Kindergarten: Select 5 students and administer iReady baseline assessment to determine qualified Tier 2 students (yellow).
  • 1st through 5th grade: Identify 5 qualifying Tier 2 students from iReady baseline assessment (yellow).
  • Create RTI Data Binder using steps and materials distributed during Chat & Chew
  • Register for Free Trial of Scholastic Core Clicks: http://www.scholastic.com/coreclicks/customer-support/free-trial/ to familiarize yourselves with the Program. Do not create classes using the free trial. A subscription will be purchased in 2016.
  • Use this spreadsheet to enter the names of scholars identified for the challenge: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I45013YVWbBHiJw2Sux9EK_zlcyNwo8JOoex9PQmhyM

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Grade Team Lead Structure & Sign Up:

Thursday, December 24th - Sunday, January 3rd HOLIDAY BREAK

  • December 29th: Feel free to join me at New Hope from 9am-12pm to work on classroom environment, lesson planning etc. Lunch is on Me!
  • January 6th: Mandatory Staff training from 12:30-6:30. Stay tuned for more details from Ms. Albert, Director of HR. Dinner will be served.