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Monday, March 10, 2014

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From The Principal's Desk

Dear Parents

Next week is Dyslexia Advocacy Week, which is the perfect opportunity to focus on an important goal for us here at TPS. Last year, we set out with the aim of raising awareness of the needs of dyslexic learners in the classroom and our school community, and considering ways in which we can better help dyslexic learners to experience success. Some of the steps to achieving this can as simple as allowing more time to complete some tasks, or using 'dyslexia-friendly' fonts and colours. At a deeper level, reviewing our current assessment practices and introducing programmes to incorporate more systematic teaching of spelling rules, phonological awareness and written language are key to making an impact.

With statistics suggesting that anywhere from 1 in 10 to 1 in 5 people may experience language-based barriers to learning (of which dyslexia is thought to be the single most common underlying cause), the importance of getting it right for dyslexic learners is hard to ignore.

Defined by the Dyslexia Foundation NZ as: “A specific learning difference which is constitutional in origin and which, for a given level of ability, may cause unexpected difficulties in the acquisition of certain literacy and numeracy skills.”, dyslexia clearly presents significant challenges, but there is increasing understanding and recognition of the fact that, in reality, it describes a specific way of thinking and learning - rather than a deficit - and that it has a neuro-biological basis. It's also important to note that dyslexia has absolutely no relationship to intelligence and, in fact, a range of strengths in higher-order thinking processes have been associated with it.

So - even if dyslexia does not directly affect you or a member of your immediate family - the chances are you know plenty of people who are, so I hope you will join us in the run up to dyslexia advocacy week to learn more and promote understanding, while showing support for the needs and rights of dyslexic learners within our school and the wider community.

If you would like to find out more, please browse the links below and watch the excellent dyslexia documentary that we screened at school last year called "The Big Picture" on Sunday, March 16 at Noon on TV3.

DFNZ Web Brochure

'Recognising Dyslexia'

Dyslexia Expert Neil Mackay Breakfast TV Interview

Ka kite anō au i a koutou
Alan Jackson

What is dyslexia? - Kelli Sandman-Hurley

What's On

  • Life Education in School - All week.
  • Wed, Mar 12: Interschool Swim Team @ Westwave pools
  • Skateboard Programme for Years 3 - 6.
  • Life Education Parent Information Meeting - 8.30 - 9.00 am.
  • Fri, Mar 14: Sushi Lunches
  • Skateboard Programme for Years 3 - 6.
  • Interschool Swim Team @ Westwave pools.


Amanda Burr

Thanks to all who attended the PTA AGM last week - a first communication from the 2014 Committee will be on the way soon but, in the meantime, we thought it would make a nice change from Amanda (our PTA Chair for the past 2 years) thanking everybody else around to thank her for everything that she has done for TPS.

Amanda has not only been a parent who has always shown support and positive engagement with our school, but she also put her hand up to step into the big chair to make a difference for the children at TPS. Amanda, we hope that you have a well-deserved break, and thank you not only for the thousands of dollars in funds that you helped raise for our school, but also for the time, energy, good humour and effort that you have lent to the role.

Thank you Amanda - our unsung hero!

Parent Tutor Reading Programme

We are seeking more volunteers to assist in our Parent Tutor Reading Programme. The spaces are on Monday - Friday. This involves working with four individual children, giving them extra reading practice on one morning a week from 9.00 – 10.00. It is very rewarding to tutors and the children grow in confidence in their reading. If you are keen to help, or to find out more, please contact Brigette Helwes.

Join the Weetbix Kids Tryalthlon TPS School Team!


Woodall Park, Narrow Neck, Devonport

Come and join the Titirangi School Group - GIVE IT A GO & have some fun!

Kids can share the enjoyment of the Kids TRYathlon while having fun with fellow students/ friends and at a special price of $35.50. In addition, thanks to Sanitarium & ASB there are other great benefits if we enter a school group of 15 or more, with a draw to win $2500 worth of sporting goods. Free school group photo! Weetbix T-Shirt, swim cap, free breakfast & medal on the day!

Open to all children ages 7-15 years. All sporting abilities… complete all events.. not timed.

7 year olds – *Swim 50m, Cycle 4kms, Run 1.5kms

8-10 year olds – *Swim 100m, Cycle 4kms, Run 1.5kms

11-15 year olds –*Swim 200m, Cycle 8kms, Run 1.5kms

* Beach Swim - completed in water (able to stand up in so can walk/swim if concerned re manage distance) - Gazebo Meeting Place on the day – sausage sizzle & BYO Picnic - School Group registration will close midnight Wednesday 19th March

Contact Catherine Leach - School Co-ordinator: physiodirect@xtra.co.nz

Ph: 817 1433 Mob: 021 273 6828 /or Registration Forms & info in office

Check out http://www.weetbix.co.nz/ for more information.

Some practise sessions if free (not compulsory) - see below

Tuesday 11th March 6-7pm – Woodlands Park Road - Pipeline – bike/run..

Thursday 13th March - 5-6/6.30 – School Playground. - Swim/Bike/Run -

Well Done To Our TPS Merit Award Winners!

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Community Notices

Hatha Yoga classes with Sarah Watson at East West Organics, New Lynn. Come along to a class to improve your physical strength and flexibility, and learn breathing techniques and relaxation for stress management and to help you feel calmer in daily life. All levels welcome, mats and blankets provided. Monday 6.30-7.30pm, Tuesday 6.30-8.00pm and Saturday 8.00-9.15am. FIRST CLASS IS FREE!

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