Poems by David

Haiku and all the rest

David's poems


The trees leaves fall to the ground

Because of winter there will not be more till spring

And so tree is there with no company of there leaves.

Blank verse

A person went to jail his son went to hail

He was very proud but did not see his son graduate

The son was worried that his father was gone and not to be seen

So he carried on with his life worrying about that one night when

His father killed a man because he was attacked but

The jury did not believe him because there was not one scratch on him

Just blood and he staid there for the rest of his life.


There was a game at night

But this night was a special night a knight

Appeared on the field shouting were

Is my dragon anyone has it I wills sight they

When he found the dragon the fight was over in seconds

With the night eating the dragon


There once was a guy named dragon

Everyone made fun of him saying

Here comes the great beast one day a knight came to

Their school but when he made fun of the boy

He turned into a dragon and gobbled them up

Free verse

One man had an idea if we can not

Fly we should create a do hickey that can.

Makes it so we could fly with the birds

Almost everyone thought it was halarios

But one said lets do it and they went down in history as

The people that made planes they got more devolved

And that made Their discovery more and more


I wonder who started schools

Why did they do it

How did they do it

I wonder why guns were invented

What are they made of

How to make the bullets

I wonder if we could live on the sun

How would we be protected

What would we do for food

I wonder if there is other demenions

How would we get there

Would we be stuck there

I wonder why I love video games

Why is it so addicting

Why do I bring them to school for the bus ride

I wonder why we need money

Why isn't everything free

Do they want us to starve

I wonder why we go in space

Who thought of it

Why go to the moon instead of Mars


David weastley

There was a fight

So they could gright

Justin beaver

Was killed by a cleaver

At least

He was greased

Terse verse

What every kid says to their first teacher?

which teach are you

What you want to do on your first day of school?

Try to Cry

I wish I could go surfing riding the waves with the air going straight at my face

I wish I could go to Hawaii surfing visiting a volcano and a Hawaii feast

I wish I could go to the beach every day waves wash up and hit my feat and I would explore the bottom

I wish I was over of my fear of heights so I could skydive and bungie jump

I wish school pretty much wasn't just work all the time some relaxation

I used to grill but now I use the oven

I used to skydive but now I jet ski

I used to swim but now I go surfing

I used to play catch outside but now I go to the beach

I used to watch tv but now I watch Netflix