The Gray Whale

In Australia/New Zealand/Oceania



  • Gray Whale are mammals
  • They have a double blow hole
  • Once they reach middle age they get broader


  • They can grow up to 40 to 50 ft.
  • They are size relative to a bus
  • They can weigh 50,000 to 80,000 pounds



  • Gray Whales have two habitats
  • During the summer they live in the Murky Waters of the Artic Sea while they feed
  • Then in autumn they start a migration to Baja California Peninsula of Mexico.


Food Chain

Food Habits

  • The Gray Whales food chain includes: shrimp like mysids or small fish
  • During migration Gray Whales eat very little
  • They prefer prey that live near the ocean floor



Body Adaptations

  • The Gray Whales body, head, flippers, and the tail all help the Gray Whale to adapt to its surroundings

Seasonal Adaptations

  • It migrates from Russia in the summer and goes to the coast of the U.S during the winter
  • They migrate to winter breeding areas


Critical Info/Endangerment


  • Intensive exploitation has reduced population numbers of this species over the last three to four centuries.
  • One of the original three gray whale populations is extinct
  • One is critically endangered in the Western North Pacific


Gray Whale Flukes for Dana Point Whale Watchers

Pictures and Video

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Video by Dolphin Safari via Youtube

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