Project Based Learning

PBL is Discovery Learning

What is project based learning?

Collaborative student learning and engagement using real world applications of acquired knowledge to make education relevant.

How is PBL different from traditional projects?

Project Based Learning is...

-The students make most of the choices during the project within the pre-approved guidelines. The teacher is often surprised and even delighted with the students’ choices.

-Is based upon Driving Questions that encompass every aspect of the learning that will occur and establishes the need to know.

-Is relevant to students’ lives or future lives and is how students do their real learning.

A Traditional Project is...

-The students do not have many opportunities to make choices at any point in the project.

-Are closed to creativity and experimentation: every project has the same goal.

-Are not particularly relevant to students' lives and do not solve real-world problems.

Personalized Project-based Learning 10 - Stelly's Secondary