Bay Vista Bulletin

February 2020

Second semester underway; get ready for FSA Testing

Can you believe it is already February? We are well into the second semester of school. Students and teachers are busy preparing for the state's FSA which will be taken in April and May. Teachers are also busy with parent conferences. At this time, you will be notified if your student is a potential retainee. Retention meetings are held in May using our last set of student data.

We have SEVEN opportunities for meeting credits this month, including: PTA Board Meeting on 2/3, SAC Meeting on 2/3, Volunteer for Staff Luncheon on 2/5, Family Literacy Night on 2/10, Gifted Showcase on 2/13, Important Adult and Daughter Dance on 2/26, and the PTA Spirit Night at Airheads on Saturday, 2/29.

The acceptance period for fundamental and magnet schools begins on February 10th and ends on February 21st at 5 p.m. Parents with incoming siblings to Bay Vista and all our out-going fifth graders need to log back on and accept your assignment during this time. You will need your parent portal login and password.

Our third grade students will be taking the FSA ELA test on April 1 & 2. Our fourth fifth grade students will be taking the FSA Writing Test on April 1st. Teachers have been preparing all year for these tests and our students have been working hard.

Our PTA Father, Uncle, Family Friend, Mother / Daughter dance has been set for Wednesday, February 26th. It will be from 6:00 to 7:30 in the Cafeteria/Rainbow Garden. This is a wonderful opportunity for our young Lady Jaguars to get dressed up and attend a dance with a special adult in their life. More information and flyers will follow later this month.

Thank you to all who are not using the front parking lot as a car line in the morning. The parking lot is reserved for those volunteers and those who are parking their cars and walking their children to the building. We have had some unsafe situations cars pull in quickly and drop students off which is why we are asking for your cooperation in observing this rule.

Donna Hall


Support the Girlfriends Club and purchase a Valentine Gram for your student!!!!!

The Girlfriends Club is now selling Valentine Grams for $1 each! You can treat your child, grandchild, friend, teacher, or staff member to a special Valentine Gram delivered to their classroom on Friday, February 14th! You may send your money and greeting to your child’s teacher or to the front office in an envelope by Monday, February 10, 2020 for delivery of Valentine Grams. There will be a special collection box in the office. Just label your envelope “Valentine Gram”. Please contact Mrs. Jennings with any questions at

PTA Teacher/Staff Volunteers Needed---Meeting Credit Available

Our next PTA Teacher and Staff Luncheon will be Wednesday, February 5th. This month is soup and chili! To see what food items are needed or to see available time slots to volunteer, please visit the Sign-up Genius link!

Monthly meeting credit is available if you would like to help with set up, serving food, and clean up. A limited amount of volunteer spots are available.

Sign-up Genius Link:

Fridays are Bay Vista Spirit Days!!!!

Every Friday is Bay Vista Spirit day. Please wear your Bay Vista gear to show your Bay Vista pride!!!!!


Students of the Month - Congratulations to our January Students of the Month

Begany - Gunner T

Cohn - Cierra B

Draughon - Jaxson M

Moyer - Kaitlyn B

Muehleck - Rhett H

Rothenberger - Veera P

Baez - Yesenia B

Bradley - Aaliyah L

Griffin - Juliana S

Joseph - Jordan A

Michalik - Deklan A

Mullaney - Zumana M

Cianca - Wyatt E

Denbigh - Ava R

Jennings - Thomas B

LaPointe - Miles S

Ramsey - Xavier W

Wooten - Cammi B

Blaine - Lilly K

Cullen - Kaden W

Griffis - Mary A

Kaddis - Jakari M

Nicholson - Caleb R

Tackett - Keyontae G

Goss - Lacey H

Randolph - Blake D

Riley - Ross B

Ruffing - Finn W

Strawmyer - Aiden L

Bacon - Naema M

Finch - Lauren C

Flint - Evelyn A

Gurd - Temiloluwa P

White - Liam R


Speech - Starr H

PE - Alexander W

PE - Jon L

PE - Uma K

Music - Samantha S

Art - Addison S

QUEST - Milo H

QUEST - Madeline S

First Grade

During the month of February, first grade will continue to be working in Module D, describing connections between ideas about U.S. Symbols/Monuments. We will also continue writing opinion pieces and adding details. This will prepare us for our second district wide writing assessment. In math, we are starting a new unit: Tens and Ones. Students will be identifying two-digit numbers and understanding their groups of tens and ones (i.e. 32 is three groups of tens and two ones). In science we will take our Cycle 2 assessment on properties, push/pull, and all things motion. After that, we will be diving deep into life science: living/non-living, senses, basic needs, and plants!

Second Grade

Awesome Projects

Please walk down our hallway to see some of our amazing projects. We just completed our Traditional Tales project based on our work from Module D. The students were very creative in sharing what they learned from this unit of study.

We are now completing our annual Presidents Project to celebrate the upcoming Presidents Day Holiday. Each student is researching and completing a poster on their assigned president. These will be on display beginning February 10th and are always impressive.

Mahaffey Theater

We attended a touching and engaging play on January 21st, The One and Only Ivan. Then after the play Bess the Book Bus was there to give every student a free book of their choice. The students were thrilled with all that happened that day.

Field Trip to Cracker Country

This is our most exciting field trip in second grade. It will be April 16th. If you are planning to attend please make sure you are a Level II volunteer. If you are not and want to attend we would encourage you to get this done. We can always use the help and you will learn so much about Florida life – 100 years ago!

That’s all from Second Grade this month!

Third Grade

In Reading, third graders are continuing to examine text structure, main idea with supporting details and illustrations while learning about important civil rights activists and civic responsibility.

Third graders are working on fractions! Students will understand what a fraction is, how to read fractions on a number line, find equivalent fractions, and compare fractions.

In Science, students will be learning about the states of matter. We will investigate how heating and cooling affects the state of matter. By the end of this unit, students will be able to explain how physical changes are affected by temperature and will be able to describe the physical changes water undergoes as it is heated and cooled.

Fourth Grade

We have an exciting February planned in 4th grade.

All classes will be attending Boyd Hill for a field trip. We will be learning about Earth’s Resources while there. It is always a fun day.

Math-We will be finishing our Geometry unit and beginning our last unit of the year: Fractions and Decimals.

Science-We have a couple more units to study under Physical Science this month. We will end the month with our 2nd Science Common Assessment.

ELA- In ELA we will be continuing to learn strategies to help us with essay writing. We will be reviewing both opinion essays as well as informational essays.

February Book Report-4th Grade Students will be reading a biography of an Influential American and creating a presentation showing what they learned about the life of their American.

Fifth Grade

Why Independent Reading and At Home Reading Logs!

At Bay Vista, we work to encourage independent reading through reading logs and with the use of the Reading Counts program. Research shows students who read independently become better readers, score higher on achievement tests in all subject areas and have greater content knowledge than those who do not. The amount of free reading done outside of school has also consistently been found to relate to growth in vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal fluency and general information.

As reading skills improve, students are better prepared to comprehend other classroom reading materials and subjects.

Reading enjoyment is closely connected to reading proficiency in general, as well as specific skills like vocabulary development and text comprehension and grammar. It is even related to proficiency in mathematics.

Independent reading and free choice helps students discover the fun, adventure and pleasure in reading.


In writing we are finishing our “How to Books” and gearing up for “All About Books.” Writing “All About Books” focuses on non-fiction writing and is usually the most popular writing for kindergartners. After a couple of practice books with their teacher, students will pick their favorite animals to write “all about.”

The “All About” writing ties in perfectly with our science. We are learning to recognize what is fiction and what is real in the stories we read.

In reading, we have been practicing finding patterns in books to make reading easier. We will now focus on non-fiction books and learn about text features in our books.

In math, we continue to focus on being fluent with the numbers 1 – 20 and to be able to count to 100 by 1’s and 10’s. The 100th Day of School gave us an opportunity to show off our counting skills.

Clothing Donations Needed for Office

Our office is in need of donations. Our clothing cupboards are bare and we are unable to help students who need a change of clothes during the school day.

We are in need new or gently used uniform shorts, pants and underwear in sizes 4 through 14.

Any donations are greatly appreciated!

Quest News

This month the gifted program is having its sixth annual community service expo! This allows our students to share their service learning projects with our families. All of our QUEST students are required to identify a need in their communities and provide some type of service in order to be a part of the solution. We encourage students to give their time and volunteer in hopes that it will become a part of their lives. It is our goal to develop a sense of citizenship in our students. Last year we logged over 1000 hours of service as a program. We are very proud of our students and their efforts to help make their community a better place.

Media Center News

Cool things are happening in our media center! Our 5th grade Battle of the Books team, consisting of Lauren Cianca, Uma Khare, Evelyn Allen, and Braden Stofan, is gearing up to represent our school in the district competition this month. Good luck Jaguars!

Meanwhile, kindergartners are trying their hand at coding! Students are gaining valuable skills in maneuvering touchscreen technology, basic coding, and computer science practice. All in a fun and creative way!

February also brings a tech club where 4th and 5th graders from a myriad of classrooms will have the opportunity for hands-on learning. Students will gain valuable information and practice in district sponsored programs like SWAY, Brain Pop’s Movie Maker, Minecraft Coding, and Digital Citizenship. It’s a tech-filled month here at Bay Vista.

Our Spring Book Fair is scheduled for March 2-6. Mark your calendars for this exciting event!

Important Dates and Meeting Credit Options for the month of February!!

February 3 5:30 PTA Board Meeting (meeting credit-all are invited,

not just board members)

February 3 6:30 SAC Meeting (meeting credit for attending)

February 4 Camp SEM Day Gr. 4 & 5

February 4 4th Grade - Mrs. Ruffing to Boyd Hill

February 5 Staff luncheon (meeting credit for volunteers/sign-up to volunteer on Sign-Up Genius on our website)

February 6 4th Grade - Mrs. Goss to Boyd Hill

February 7 Mid-Term Reports go home today

February 7 4th Grade - Mrs. Riley to Boyd Hill

February 10 4th Grade-Mrs. Randolph to Boyd Hill

February 10 6:00 PTA General Meeting/Literacy Night (meeting credit for attending)

February 11 Camp SEM Day Gr. 4 & 5

February 12 1st Grade to Mahaffey Theatre

February 13 Camp SEM Day Gr. 4 & 5

February 13 6:00-7:30 Gifted Showcase

February 14 Potential Retainee Notifications go home

February 17 No school

February 18 Camp SEM Day Gr. 4 & 5

February 20 5th Grade Quest Class to LegoLand

February 26 Class Pictures

February 25 Camp SEM Day Gr. 4 & 5

February 26 6:00 Important Adult and Daughter Dance (dad, uncle, grandpa, family friend, mother, etc.) (meeting credit for attending)

February 27 Student of the Month Breakfast

February 27 Camp SEM Day Gr. 4 & 5

February 29 Spirit Night at AirHeads (meeting credit for attending)