Eco-friendly Tourism


Ways to have fun on your holiday while being eco-friendly

People usually think that to have fun on your holiday, you have to spend BIG and you usually have to HARM the environment.But you don't have to because little things can help the environment.

For example:

~ Walking and/or riding your bike instead of driving, it's healthier for both you and the environment

~ Going for paddle boat rides in the river or lake

~ Swim in the ocean and build sandcastles

~ Go Scubadiving

~ Look at local wildlife

~ Take shorter showers

~ Use candles instead of light bulbs

~ Wash your laundry in cold water

~ Go hiking/bush walking

~ Rock Climbing

~ Sight seeing

~ Visit family overseas

~ Wind surfing

~ Camping

~ Zipline

~ Have a bonfire

Hotel owners can:

~ Use rainwater tanks

~ Recycle as much as they can

~ Change their light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs or use candles instead of light bulbs

~ Have compost bins to put food scraps

~ Have worm farms, worm farms can help you get soil and worm tea for your vegetables, fruit trees and plants. Worm tea will act like a fertiliser to your plants, vegetables and fruit trees. As well as getting soil and fertiliser, you are helping the worms by providing them food and a place to live :)

~ Plant fruit trees and vegetables

~ wash laundry in cold water

~ Composting toilets

~ Wind energy

~ Install solar panels