Matthew Durr

Compare and Contrast

Jimmy Butler was a kid when he was living with his single mom in the city of Tomball Texas.

He was 13 when his mom abandoned him. He was left to fend for himself on the streets. He had to live with friends for a while because he was homeless, and even though his friends let him live with them it was never a permanent home. Which provoked him to have ambition for a better life. At age 21, he entered the NBA draft, every single team had a chance to add him to their roster but they passed on him; every team but the Chicago Bulls. Recently, he won the most improved player award. He also hangs out with celebrities and gets paid millions. He is now living the dream but while he was 13 he was fearing for his life. Now every team in the NBA regrets passing on one of the 10 top players in the league right now and his mom regrets abandoning her successful son. He doesn't have to scavenge for food because there's a buffet waiting for him, and he doesn't need to go live with his friends because he has his own mansion. Jimmy Butler had the resolve to triumph through all the adversity.

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Cause and Effect

Jimmy Butler was drafted 30th in the draft. Every team passed on him except the bulls; to him that meant he wasn't good enough. Just after the Chicago Bulls got rid of Ronnie Brewer they needed a replacement quick. While it was going to be hard to replace him the Bulls saw almost nobody to sign that would be a good fit for them and that could replace Brewer. The bulls didn't realize that the answer to their prayers was standing right in front of them. Tom Thibodeau saw Jimmy Butler working intensely on his game so Tom asked him if he was up to the challenge and Butler happily accepted. Which was one of the reason Jimmy Butler went from 8.5 minutes per game to 38.7 per game (there are 48 minutes in a full NBA game). he stayed adhere to his goal this made him an advocate showing that hard work can get you anywhere you desire. He was out for around 10 minutes per game which isn't a lot. He filled Ronnie Brewers shoes and then some all because he didn't stop. He had made it to the NBA but he knew he still had some work to do. He knew if he stopped working hard when he knew he made it; he wouldn't have made it to the Bulls starting lineup. That's how he set his goal and accomplished it and now he is known as a Chicago Bulls star along with other greats such as Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah.

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Jimmy Butler knew what his goal was in high school. He knew he would have to play amazing to even get a scholarship to play basketball for a college and have a shot at making it into the NBA. Once he was in he would have to keep playing at a great level to maintain a spot in the starting lineup. Afterwards, he would have to play amazing to get noticed by NBA fans, coaches and players around the league and finally he would have to maintain that level of play to get a spot in the National Basketball Association Hall of Fame. In order to accomplish this first he would have to get the scholarship which he did. Marquette University noticed him and he was a perfect fit for their roster. From there he began to play at an NBA level to make it to the draft where he would have a chance to get signed by a team who needed him. One other thing Jimmy Butler would have to do is to have perseverance because this couldn't be done without it and when he was on the court everything else would be petty. The only thing that would matter right now is the game. He played pretty good in high school which earned him a scholarship to Marquette. While he was in college he played pretty good averaging 18.8 points per game 7.7 rebounds and 3.1 assists which was very acceptable in the NBA's eyes. Jimmy Butler was put into the NBA draft. There he would have to hope that a team would draft him. 29 is the number of teams that chose another player over Jimmy Butler, but then it was the Bulls turn to pick, and an up and coming college star named Jimmy Butler who was a match to that description. There Jimmy Butler was wondering if he played good enough to get drafted in the first round the answer to that was yes. The Chicago Bulls selected Jimmy Butler from the University of Marquette and he made it to the NBA. Once he knew he would have to earn the position of a starter and lucky for him a spot for him just opened on the starting lineup. He would have to prove he was worthy for a starting spot on the Chicago Bulls. That wasn't much of a challenge so Jimmy Butler was a starter in no time and then he knew he would have to work even harder to be a star and to accomplish his ultimate goal of being remembered in the hall of fame and if he continues on this path he might do just that.

Problem and Solution

Jimmy Butler really wanted to make it into the NBA but he knew in high school that if he kept going in the direction he was, that wasn't going to happen. There would need to be changes because there were a few drawbacks that were holding him back from making it into the NBA. One of those being that he wasn't taking basketball at a level serious enough to get into the NBA, another being that he just wasn't good enough yet. With that known he worked and worked until he was natural at basketball. Then, he was accepted into the University of Marquette. He knew he would have to play amazing to get into the draft. While in college he knew his work wasn't finished he had to practice to get into the NBA. When he was previously practicing, he was doing it to play basketball in college. Now, he would have to never yield to anybody, he would have to face opponents with such intensity that it overwhelms his fear. And he did,with having great stats and efficiency in college he made it to the draft and overcame a huge obstacle.