Women roles in the 1930's

By: Angie Arredondo and Cecilia Rivera

Women salary.

In December 6 from 1930 there was a minium salary of $25 dollars per week to the woman workers.A $25 per week minimum wage for working women would be one of the greatest boons. According to Miss Mary Anderson, director of the Women & company Bureau of the Department of Labor, she said that the $25 per week minimum and shorter work week proposed by a large Boston department store owner was heartening, and if adopted generally would go far to meet the problem of unemployment "because, with higher wages, these persons can buy many necessaries which they now forego and hence can become substantial consumers."

Between 1930 and 1945, Depression.

The women workers were affected and suffuring the Depression of World War II. World War II pushed more women into more work than ever before and inspired the organizational activity.Also the women were forced to find a job because their husbands had been laid off.
Women's roles in the 1930s

Women Want To Vote Too!

Women thought that they should have the right to vote like men do. They thought that they should have their opinion on who runs the country that they live in. They would come together to protest this injustice. Then in 1920, the 19th admendment was passed and all their work payed off. After that impact women though that they could achieve anything.


1. Women got the right to vote in 1930. True or False?2. The women minimum wage was $100. True or False?3. The Great Depression happened during WWI. True or False?4. Women eventually got the same rights as men. True or False?5.Women wanted to compete with their husbands to see who got the better job. True or False?