Petroleum/Oil Experts 😎🙄

By Dr. Cayden Chaffin and Dr. Alexis Newman

How is oil formed?

Dr.Newman filled us in on how oil is made. "Oil is dead plankton that sinks to the bottom of the sea and then it is covered by layers of soil and minerals that compress the plankton for millions of years until it turns to liquid."

How is oil used?

Dr. Chaffin commented on the uses of oil. "Oil is used for a variety of ways. It fuels automobiles, trains, planes, and other small mechanisms. It powers factories and houses, too."

What are oils disadvantages and advantages/How does it harm the Earth?

Dr. Newman talked about the pros and cons of oil. "The only things that are good about oil is that it fuel machines and it powers factories and homes. The cons however, are a lot more dense. Oil causes air pollution when burned, it causes the destruction of ecosystems when it is drilled, it even causes noise pollution while it is drilled! There are a lot more I could list, but it would take a long time to say all the cons." On the other hand, Dr.Chaffin provided more cons about how it harms the Earth. "Oil harms the Earth by air pollution, ecosystem destruction, and helps produce smog."
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Where is oil most abundantly found?

Dr. Newman gave her top 3 places on where oil is found:

1. Venezuela

2. Saudi Arabia

3. Canada

Is oil renewable?

Dr. Chaffin explained if oil is renewable or not. "Sadly, no. Oil takes millions of years to form, so we could run out before we have a new batch ready."

Thanks To Dr. Chaffin and Dr. Newman, we know a lot more about oil!