what to do in a zombie apocalypse

by,jessica corado

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coastal plain

- the coastal plain has flat land and lots of trees

-coastal plain is known for dry grassland cause the tornados

-coastal plain is a common area for tornados which is not so safe

i give this a 5..... because its a good place cause zombies wont be near cause its plain and its bad because a tornado could happen

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appalation highlands

-appalation mountain extands from eastern canada to western alabama

-appalation mountain borders the gulf of mexico

-appalation mountain is a widelowland

-appalation mountain has excellent harbors

-appalation mountain also has long sandy beaches

i give this 10..... because there is alot of trees you can climb or hide behind

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basin and range

-basin and range has isolated mountain rainge of different heights

-basin and range also contains canyons,death valley

-the lowest point in north america is basin and range

i give this a 5..... because it is known as really hot like a desert

and its a good thing lots of hiding spots

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