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Principal's Corner

The New SAT

I recently read a great article about the new SAT in the New York Times (link below), I hope you will take a few moments to read it too. There is also a quiz you can take called, “How Would You Do on the new SAT?” Major takeaways from the article include:

· Longer and harder reading passages and more words in math problems

· Short sentence completion questions have been eliminated, in favor of longer reading passages

· Math problems wrapped in narratives

Why does the new SAT matter for Sparrows Point High School students? Approximately 25% of our students report going directly to a 4 year college upon graduating. For these students, the SAT is still the premier college entrance exam. Approximately 45% of our students report taking courses at CCBC upon graduating. Students who can score about 550 or above in Critical Reading, Writing and Math dated within two years of CCBC may not have to take the Accuplacer exam and can go directly into credited courses (these scores will likely be adjusted soon based on the new SAT ). This is important because many students feel that if they are enrolling in CCBC, the SAT is not important for them.

Most importantly, as April 12 approaches, we can remind juniors to prepare for the test and do their best! Students may be anxious about the new test format and what to expect on SAT day. The more we can prepare them through extensive reading and writing in all content areas, the more confident they will feel on SAT day.

Video: "Open-ended Questions to Encourage Conversation"

Resources, Strategies, and Good Reads

Support Staff/ Teacher of the Month: Cheryl Quinn

Before Cheryl got into teaching, she did office managerial and administrative work for about 10 years.

Cheryl has a Bachelors of Science in Education with certification as a Library Media Specialist as well as a Masters equivalency in Instructional Technology ( plus 30). Cheryl is working on my 21st year of teaching and has been working at Sparrows Point for 13 of those years.

In her free time, Cheryl loves to read, workout, listen to live bands, and travel. She also enjoys just hanging out with her 19 year old daughter, when she has time.

When asked what she hopes to be remembered by when retired, she said, "I hope to be remembered as that librarian who is knowledgeable about technology and literature, but most importantly, I want to be remembered as a person who was always willing to help her students and colleagues either personally or professionally."

Teacher of the Month: Kelly Karwacki

Mrs. Kelly Karwacki attended Mt. St. Mary's where she earned her B.A. in Psychology in 1980. She also attended Johns Hopkins where she earned her MAT in Education in 1998. Kelly is also a National Board Certified Teacher. As a result, is obvious to all that Miss Karwacki is highly knowledgeable in her craft as an educator.

Before becoming an educator, Kelly worked in various jobs in the hospitality industry after college. She also was a full-time stay-at-home- mother of three until her youngest went to elementary school. It was at this time that she went back to school to become a teacher.

Upon entering the world of education, Kelly worked her first 5 years at Edgemere Elementary School where she taught fifth grade. From there, she came to us at the Point, where she has now served 14 wonderful years in Family and Consumer Sciences.

In her free time, Kelly loves to teach, cook, read, garden and take photographs.

When asked what she would like students to say about her upon retirement, she said, "I want to be the teacher in high school that the students can point to and say with certainty, 'I learned that from Mrs. Karwacki,''

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