Writing and Education

By: Alexis Broady and Sarah Cumpston,4th hour

What jobs do scribes do?

  • They had to help administer the laws, also collect taxes, and supervise some government projects.
  • They could be Egypt's official record keeper too.
  • They work at the pharaoh's palace, or even travel along with members of the court to keep an official record of events!

What was school like?

  • School life was not that easy for students and the days were very long.
  • Teachers could be strict and they would treat students harshly.
  • Any student who wasn't willing enough to learn was severely scolded and even beaten!
  • Scribal students spent as much as four years copying the hieroglyphic signs over and over again.

What classes did scribes come from?

  • Scribes were in the middle class along with craftspeople and merchants.
  • Scribes were respected because of the people they worked for.
  • Scribes could move up or down in the social classes.

What is Hieratic Script?

  • It's a simpler cursive writing system that students had learned
  • The system was more practical and was used for such everyday tasks like record keeping.
  • Because the hieroglyphics were so hard for students to master they came up with the Hieratic Script.