Tri Delta loves St. Jude!

A Stella & Dot Trunkshow benefiting the children of St. Jude

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How This Works

Hi guys! Hope you're all doing well & livin the life!

So I recently became a stylist for Stella & Dot (much like many of our other Gamma Tau alums) and I'm excited to be partnering with you guys for a trunkshow benefiting St. Jude!!!! What's great about this is that it will be happening at the same time as Delta Desserts!

So the way this works - you guys shop and promote the show to others and I donate 15% of all sales!! If you guys hit $2500 in sales, I will increase my percentage to 20%! That would equal $500 donated to St. Jude on your behalf! AND the best part is, it's all online and you get cute jewelry out of it too!!! Win-win if you ask me :D

The trunkshow will be live for the rest of the month. Let's aim to get most sales in this week and next! And if you order before March 30th, you'll have your pieces by Easter! *something to mention to mom for the Easter bunny to include in your basket*

Stella & Dot...affordably cute!

There are sooo many pieces to choose from when shopping S&D! There's everything from bracelets, to earrings, to charm & statement necklaces, bags, scarves, etc. If you have a preference, we probably have it!

That being said, we have items ranging from all prices as well! Most of our line is inexpensive while still being hella cute! Check out some of my favorite "affordably cute" items :) These items range from $19-$34.

Think about this!

If everyone in the chapter bought at least a $20 item, and had someone they know do the same, we could totally hit $2500 in sales!!! I really want this to happen to maximize the donation we can send :)

March Specials!

Right now, there are GREAT March trunkshow specials going on! If you spend $50, you get any of these items for 50%!!
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Contact me anytime!

If you have any questions regarding any of the pieces on the website, don't hesitate to reach out! My number is (703)200-2164 and my email is

Happy shopping, friends :)