Gladiator Games

Come watch the fight to the death!!!!


Being a gladiator means that your a sword man. Gladiators used many weapons. The gladiators usually fought to the death. The death of a gladiator is meant as a sacrifice to the spirit of the death of the person who was mourned. Gladiators were often slaves or criminals.


The gladiator games were held in the Colosseum. As many as 50,000 Romans filled the stands to watch the fights. The area where they fought was covered with sand. Senators sat in the front rows, then common men, then woman at the top.

Emperors or wealthy aristocrats paid for the games. Expensive events showed of wealth and power.

Floods and animals

Sometimes arenas were flooded so that gladiators could fight each other on boats. they would also bring in animals, like lions and elephants. Special fighters. condemned criminals, and prisoners of war would fight these animals.