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History of indonesa and how it started

Indonesia was founded in August 17th 1945 by the Dutch, before the dutch were Hindu priests and traders, but an invasion from Muslims in the 13th century made it an Islamic country, with trade and economy slowly rising came Portuguese settlers and traders, after the traders came the Dutch who united east India so they could get a grip on the spices in the area and set up posts on the near by island of java, but in 1886 the British gave the Dutch the islands after a fight over the near by resources. japan later on fought with the Dutch for control of the oil which was vital for the war effort they were having, after a war with japan, they proclaimed the islands their Independence in 1945, Aug, 17th..

Indonesia Today

today Indonesia is raising its economy and stock, with elections coming up the presidential runners are striving and posing to become the next president, with the next term ending in 2014 and with stock rising there economy is becoming stable, although with a few step backs like corruption and legislative plans being cut down Indonesia is slowly becoming a stable and unified republic, working on its ways to expand and create a controlled government. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono the president running term since 2004 had made its legislative branch corrupt.

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