First Grade News

January 11th-15th


Day 5 Phy Ed/Music

We will have our spelling pre-test for our new word check -ill. We will add our words to Spelling Monster. We will have reading groups and centers. We will read a story and draw and label the characters and the setting of the story. We will practice doubles addition facts and play a doubles game. We will make a Snowman at Night. There is iPad math homework tonight. Unit 2 Lesson 17


Day 1 Phy Ed-Media

We will practice making words with the -ill word chunk. We will have reading groups and centers. We will use our storyboard to write the beginning of a story. Our focus in math today will be checking facts on a number line to decide if they are true of false. We will take our iPads home today for homework. Unit 2 Lesson 18


Day 2 Phy Ed/Music

We will practice our sight words for the week. We will have reading groups and centers. We will work on writing the middle of our story. Our focus in math will be learning how to balance facts across the equal sign. We will learn that the equal sign means that both sides of the fact are balanced or equal. We will practice balancing math facts. We will take our iPad home for math homework. Unit 2 Lesson 19


Day 3-Media Check Out/Phy Ed

We will play spelling sparkle to practice our spelling words. We will have reading groups and centers. We will write the ending of our story by using our storyboard. Our focus in math will be using twenty frames to check and write addition and subtraction sentences. We will take our iPads home for creation and learning.


Day 4-Art

We will have our spelling test. We will have reading groups and centers. We will learn about how some animals can stay warm even in the snow. We will publish and read our first complete three part story. We will have a math check up on Unit 2. We will make a lick and stick snowman.

Parent Notes

Thank you for helping your child with our first week of flipped math. I will always indicate math homework nights on the news for the week as well as in Google Classroom. The children are also reminded each night when there is homework. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after school your child should be watching a math video lesson on our math focus for the week. I will show them where to find the videos in Google Classroom. After watching the video each night, they will be asked to complete a small hands on math activity. The lessons are short and should be easy for first graders to do independently. Please make sure they have a quiet place to watch the video and do the activities. There will NOT be math homework EVERY night. There will never be math homework on the weekends. On the days there is not math homework, your child is encouraged to use their school iPad for learning, reading, writing, and creation.

Please pack your child's iPad CAREFULLY in their backpack each day as they bring it back to school. Do not send water or other liquid in the backpack with the iPad. The case protects against a lot of things, but water is not one of them. If an iPad is forgotten at home, a parent will be called and asked to bring the iPad to school. We use the iPad for learning for a large part of the day and it will be difficult for your child to be at school without it. :-)

We are using apps at school that require writing on the iPad screen. Using a stylus with the iPad helps with writing legibility. Please purchase a stylus for writing on the iPad at school and send it with your child as soon as you are able. I would suggest writing your child's name on the stylus with permanent marker as they can be easily misplaced. Please let me know if you have questions about the type of stylus to purchase.

Please us the link below to sign up for conferences. There is one slot available per family, so please sign up early to get your preferred time slot. Let me know if you have problems or questions.

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Spelling Test

Week 14 -ill
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