Mom of the Year!!

Her name is Lori

My Mom

Who is the most special women in the world? My mom is!! She is loving because she tries to make things fun. I also think my mom is the best women in the world because she is smart. She went to collage for a long time so she could get a good job. My mom is also fun because she plays with us and she takes us to fun places. My mom is nice because she does fun things, she is loving,and because she is smart. My mom is also helpful because she helps me with my homework. My mom also likes to share things with me. She likes to share cookies, blankets, space on the couch, and other things. That is what makes my mom the most special women in the whole entire world.

Emerson Kaufman.

Why is my mom so special??

My mom is loving, caring, thought full, fun, helpful, smart, and a whole lot more!! My mom is for sure the mom of the year!!