Teacher Appreciation Week

May 2-6

This is a reminder that we are celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week this week.

Thank you to everyone who brought flowers for their child's teacher(s) today.

Following is a list of our themes for the rest of this week:

Tuesday - You are “SPA-riffic”

Treat your teacher to a little of a nail polish, lotions, fragrant candles, essential oils or a little something to pamper them for all their hard work this year!

Wednesday - 10 reasons why we love you!

Students can bring a list of 10 reasons they love their teacher.

Thursday - Thank you for making us “SMART COOKIES!

Students can bring cookies or any yummy treat for their sweet teacher!

Friday – I am happy to be in your class!

Students can bring gifts that are yellow in color or just make the teacher HAPPY! Our teachers also LOVE sweet notes and/or pictures made by the students.