Juliet needs a Romeo


about me :)

I am 13 years old. I am also a Capulet and my name is Juliet. I also have pretty long black hair, and blue eyes, and im a nice person. I am caring and loving and dramatic but I'm really fun to hangout with. so I am looking for a guy that is sweet, loving, and has some respect. I'm not really suppose have contact with Montagues but my parents don't need to know. anyway I'm into older guys round my age up to 17. I also had a boyfriend because I had to like my parents were going to make me marry him but he kinda is dead now because him and the Moniques were fighting and he got stabbed but that's kinda in the past now so yeah. today is Saturday 19th, 1591
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" wash they his wounds with tears" "then window, let day in, and light out"