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What is a Better Option, Custom Website Design or Templates?

What is a Better Option, Custom Website Design or Templates?

For the past few years, web design companies have sprung up everywhere. What you need to do in this situation is to find the best one that fulfils all requirements. You can also find templates available online, but these have certain limitations in comparison to custom-made websites.

With more ‘web design businesses’ setting up, it has become difficult to find the best in the business. Also, it is hard to convince people that a template is not meant for a longer run whereas customized website designs are much better choice in the real world. So, how one should figure out the difference between these two and when to switch from template to a custom designed website? Followings points can help you in making a decision:

Templates: There are a number of attractive templates available nowadays, but these are generally made without considering any particular business, services or products. But there are few areas where templates can be used such as

  • If you have a small side business that does not generates much income.
  • You have non-branded business that does not need any leads generated by websites.
  • Your hobby can be taken to a next level, and the target audience can be tested effectively.
  • Templates are an excellent option for a personal blog or a hobby site. These are usually not related to any business.

Custom Design Websites: You must understand that just changing the logo or colour of a template has nothing to do with customised website. It is recommended that you should hire services of a renowned web design company in Sydney to get the desirable results. Opt for proper customised website if you have needs like:

  • You have an already established brand or logo, or are going to invest in a new one.
  • The site represents or supports your main business, services or products.
  • Have a strong competition and want to get an upper-hand in the market.
  • Want to display products and services offered to the users in a proper manner.

The website is the face of your online business, so ensure that its design looks unique in style & appearance. A custom design definitely provides your business a unique and pleasant identity because fonts & colours are generally made to match both site header and the product packaging.

In some cases, creating a customised website design may lead to a complete revamp of packaging and other manifestations related to the identity of a company.