Who is the real William Shakespeare

For centuries we have all been told and taught that the author of the Shakespearean works was William Shakespeare from the English village of Stratford. But there are rumors going on that William Shakespeare was not real.

Edward De Vere is not Shakespeare

There is no Evidence that Edward De Vere that he was Shakespeare.

He died in 1604.http://www.thetruthaboutshakespeare.com/index.php/why-edward-de-vere-was-not-shakespeare

Marlowe cannot be Shakespeare

At age 29 Marlowe was stabbed to death.http://www.marlowe-society.org
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What if Shakespeare was real?

I always been taught that Shakespeare was real and i think he is real and he got married and had a wife name Anne Hathaway and had 3 kids. He is the oldest son of John Shakespeare.

At my school we have a timeline of Shakespeare in the English room.

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