Wright Jet News

Week of March 21st

Cline's Corner

Thank You!

Thank you for ensuring that all of your students conferenced with someone about their progress! I was so excited to hear such positive feedback from parents and from you! I look forward to this being the new standard for our Jets!

Faculty Meeting

Tomorrow we will meet in our Program Review committees. Please ensure you are prepared to contribute to your program review.

Have a great week!


Importance of Teaching Symmetry

Read this article on the importance of teaching symmetry and how it impacts math understanding.

Click for a youcubed symmetry task.
Lucy Calkin's Reading Units of Study

In this third installment of excerpts from interviews with Lucy Calkins and her Units of Study coathors, Elizabeth Dunford Franco and Marjorie Martinelli talk about tools for engagement in the Units of Study for Teaching Reading, K–5 series.

Correlation Chart

This is a correlation chart between Words Their Way, DRA, Guided Reading Levels and Lexile Levels. I thought it might be helpful.

What Is Happening At Wright...

Admin Team will be out of the building on...

Tracey: Thursday, 3/24 (AM & PM), Friday, 3/25 (AM/PM)

Kat: Thursday, 3/24 (AM & PM)



Donna: Wednesday, 3/23 (PM), Thursday, 3/24 (AM & PM), Friday, 3/25 (PM)

Dates To Remember:

MSV/Text Complexity Training: Monday, 3/21 (all grades during planning...in Tracey Cline's office)

Born Learning: Monday, 3/21 (5:30)

Kindergarten Registration: Wednesday, 3/22 (9:00-1:00)

Tornado Drill: Wednesday, 3/23

Archery Club: Wednesday, 3/23, 3/30, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27 (2:25-4:00)

Hearing Screenings, K-3: Wednesday, 3/23 and Thursday, 3/24 (8-11) Room 127

Jump Rope for Heart Money Due: 3/23-3/31

Fourth Grade to Old Capital: Friday, 3/25 (8:30-12)

K/1 to KY State, Bradford Hall, Duck for President: Friday, 3/25 (9:00-1:45)

4H for 4th grade: Monday, 3/28 (1:30-2:15 in gym)

JETS Celebration Assembly: Tuesday, 3/29 (1:00 Grades 3-5) (1:30 Grades K-2)

Swamped K/1 Musical: Thursday, 3/31 (9:30-10, 1:30-2, 6:30-7)

Spring Break: 4/4-4/8

MAP Window Open: 4/11-5/20

Barbara's Crafty Tales: 4/11-4/27 (During art)

Jump Rope For Heart: 4/11-4/15 during PE

Mobile Classroom- Dairy Cows:Thursday, 4/14 AM-playground parking lot

Camp Crooked Creek: Fisher , Wednesday, 4/20 (7:40-2:15)

After School PTO Movie: Wednesday, 4/20 (2:30-5)

Kindergarten Registration: Thursday, 4/21 (5-7PM)

Rocket Games: Friday, 4/22 (9-1)

4H for 4th grade: Monday, 4/25 (1:30-2:15)

Student Led Pep Rally: Friday, 4/29 (9:30)

Last Day for Field Trips: May 20th

Year of the Kid

Could Kid President’s challenge be an entry event for a PBL at our school?

Kid President is BACK with BIG NEWS!


Please make sure to monitor the students while at recess. Each teacher should be stationed around the playground in order to maximize supervision and safety.

MAP Testing

Please email Kat if you have not already, about how you would like to MAP test your students. If you are using Chrome books in the classroom then you can basically test when you prefer and during multiple sessions.