Middle-East World Herald

Words of the Week

  • Kibbutz- settlement in Israel where people share property and produce goods, such as kibbutz Lotan and kibbutz Ketura.
  • Wadi- A dry riverbed filled with rain water from rare downpours.
  • Desalination- process to make seawater drinkable, because the Middle East doesn't have many freshwater sources.

Questions Column

Sent in by Rita Turner

I'm going to Saudi Arabia soon, and I would like to more about it. Could you give me some facts?

Well, Saudi Arabia has a completely oil based economy, and is the world's leading producer of oil. It doesn't have any permanent bodies of freshwater, so it relies on desalination plants to get drinkable water. The capital is Riyadh, but it is also home to the holy city of Mecca.

And also, please write to us about your trip. We would love to have your story.

Sent in by Bob Tompthson

I would like to mow more about the Berbers. Can you help me?

They were the first known people in North Africa. Their descendants are now scattered all over Africa.

Sent in by Lila Evans

I'm studying Liybia, but I'm not sure their money is going to the right places, could you tell me what their money is going to?

Mostly, Libya's money is going to food, schools and education, and hospitals. I belive that their money is going to a good cause.