Berrien Springs Band News



With the record cold weather coming in this week, students need to take special care of their instruments.

1. Do not leave any instruments (brass or woodwind) in a car or outside. Woodwinds can crack and brass valves or slides can freeze.

2. Do not leave any instrument next to an outside wall to keep it safe from frigid winds cooling the wall.

3. Make sure the instruments go home! With the potential of a few days off from school, students need to be practicing. We have concert band festival approaching and students need to learn their notes and rhythms at home so we can concentrate on full band blending and style in the classroom.

Pep Band shirts are in! $10. We have our next game on Friday, February 1st. Call time: 5:15pm.

Schedule for the week

We will follow the schedule below unless otherwise communicated to you via these newsletters.

High School:

Monday - EVEN DAY (make-up exam day from last week)

Tuesday - Odd Day

Wednesday - Even Day

Thursday - Odd Day

Friday - Even Day

Middle School:

Monday - Choir Day

Tuesday - Band Day (make-up band exam day from last week)

Wednesday - Choir Day

Thursday - Band Day

Friday - Choir Day