Kings of England and Scotland

by Matthew Jackson

David I

David I was born in 1084 and died 24 may 1153 also he was known as the "Prince of the Cumbrians". He was the youngest son of Malcolm III of Scotland and he became king in the 1124 and his reign stopped when he died in 1153.

William Rufas II

William II is the third son of William I and was king of England from 1087 to 1100. He was born 1056 in Normandy and died on the 2 August 1100 when he was out hunting and was killed by accident. He was king when Carlisle castle was being built.

Henry I

Henry I was born in England in 1068, was the fourth son of William the Conqueror. By this time William was king but he died in a hunting accident in 1100 so Henry had himself crowned a few days later. He was a good king for England, and died on December 1135.

Henry II

Henry II also known as Henry Curtmantle was born 1133 in le mans in north west France. He was crowned in 1154 at Westminster abbey. He died on July 6th 1189 at Chinon Castle at the age of 56 he was buried in France. He reigned for 34 years.

Stephan of Blois

Stephan of Blois was born in around 1097 in Blois, France. He was son of the Count of Blois and he got sent to England to be raised by his uncle Henry I. He was crowned in 1135 then died in 1154.